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Welcome to our website.  I am in the process of building a new site to reflect our direction in this hobby of tractor collecting.  As many of you know, my father passed away in 2006.  Its hard to believe time has moved so quickly from that fateful day.  One of his stated goals was to build a collection and then one day auction it all off.  He wanted to ride in the truck with the auctioneer and point out exactly what was being sold and why it was unique.  Complications from surgery did not allow him to realize that dream but my Mom and I have decided to complete that plan for him.  It has been a difficult decision and continues to haunt me to think about the last 25+ years of collecting ending and being dispersed.  We have accumulated some very rare pieces and made great friends in the process.  Like so many others, there were stories and trips around each of these tractors and their arrival home with us.  The greatest joy for me has never been the tractor itself but the time spent in the drivers seat of a truck with my Dad beside me off to South Dakota to a sale or Texas to pick up GPWT with a lister planter, or taking off in a caravan with two trucks, two trailers, 5 John Deere GP Bean tractors, a motorhome, and our family, 3 generations of them, headed to a show.  We knew that when we arrived there were going to be friends from Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, etc. with dinners, a few beers (for Dad anyway), laughs, and practical jokes. 

The hobby has changed now as Dad is gone, Mom cannot drive, and my teenage sons have discovered video games, girls, and video games.  That leaves me to care for two properties, my Mom, and my boys.  Not a lot of time remaining to go and enjoy the hobby in the same way as the past. 

I have decided to sell most of the tractors, at Public Auction, retaining only a handful that will be easier to care for and still sufficient to attend a few working shows.  The auction will be handled by Jeff Polk at www.polkauction.com and commence on June 15, 2012 and continue on June 16, 2012.

One of our goals has always been education and as anyone who ever called Dad for information on GP's would tell you, he would readily share whatever information he had.  With that in mind, in 2005, we decided to become more involved in a project.  It is a project more than a show as it takes place as an island amongst a sea of subdivisions.  It is a 150 year old family farm that was given to the city of Fort Wayne as a park with the stipulation that it be farmed using old equipment.  Through private donations, hundreds of thousands of dollars have poured into the restoration of the farm.  There are classes on gardening, a blacksmith shop, a museum of equipment, farm animals, fields that are plowed with horses, a steam engine, and mostly John Deere tractors.  Our plan was to be involved in the spring and fall festivals held there with the school system busing hundreds of kids there to learn about the food chain that we who are blessed to live in the country take for granted.  

For the present, I will continue to offer some of the reproduction parts needed to complete restoration projects.  One day that may change also.  My foundry burned down and we are still assessing how many patterns remain so some parts will not be available once the on-hand inventory is gone.  I do not have the list yet so I cannot answer specific questions.

If you would like to contact me, please email antiquejd@nremc.net.  You may try my cell 260.385.5844 but admittedly, voicemail is generally full.  Thanks for your support.